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  • How long will my project take?
    Most projects will take a week to complete. Three to five days will be needed to complete the work in your home. We will be finishing your doors and drawers in shop before we return to re-install all items.
  • Will I have to empty my cabinets?
    No. We are able to seal cabinet interiors with no effect on contents. Your drawer boxes will be removed during the painting process. If your drawer faces are permanently attached to the drawer boxes, you will be required to remove their contents. Also, most glass door unit interiors are painted, so they will need to be emptied.
  • When will I be able to use my cabinets?
    Your cabinets can be put to use one day after the paint has been applied. The only exception is for any flat surfaces such as microwave cabinets or painted interiors. We ask that you allow 7 days prior to setting any items on these surfaces.
  • How much will it cost?
    Every job is unique, but here is a sampling of prices from 2014/2015: Fishers Kitchen: 24 doors, 10 drawers; glaze detail premium finish- $4535. Indianapolis Kitchen: 18 doors, 8 drawers; painted finish- $3125. Carmel Kitchen: 34 doors, 20 drawers; glaze detail premium finish- $6895. Greenwood Vanities: 2 bathroom vanities; glaze detail premium finish- $1140. Fishers Kitchen Island: painted finish- $940. Westfield Kitchen: 38 doors, 15 drawers; painted finish - $5624. Carmel Kitchen: 24 doors, 8 drawers; painted finish - $ 2880.
  • What is the difference between refacing and this?
    Refacing involves replacing all of the visible finished items with new, including doors and drawer fronts. A new facing material will be applied to all cabinet boxes and may include new moldings, new drawer boxes and any other modifications you would like to make. While we offer door and drawer replacements, we are generally painting over your existing cabinetry. This is almost always the most economical option.
  • Will the paint chip?
    The finishes we apply are widely used in cabinetry and furniture shops. They are two-component finishes that are very hard and resistant to chipping and moisture.
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