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It may take more than a new finish to give your cabinetry the updated look you want.  We can help you by offering the kind of modifications that will truly enhance them.  Whether it's adding concealed hinges, moldings and panels, glass doors or wine racks, we can provide a showroom quality solution.

The addition of concealed hinges is one of our most popular options.  Almost any door can be modified using our in-shop installation equipment.  We use high quality hardware that allows for full door adjustment-an important consideration for discriminating customers.

Concealed Hinges
Decorative Moldings

The addition of crown molding and light rail can give a custom finished look to any standard set of cabinetry.  We can show you samples of both and make recommendations for any other enhancements that might be suited for your cabinetry. 

Island Enhancements

Kitchen Islands have become a focal point in kitchen design.  Corbels, legs, panel molding, false door fronts, beadboard assemblies, toe kick removal, and other molding applications contribute to a 'furniture-piece' look similar to what you will see in custom cabinet showrooms today.  We can help design and implement an island modification suited to your personal taste and budget. 

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